Flexitank Services

The sending of bulk wine in particular is a market that is growing very quickly, which is why it is that we offer our customers this service with high standards of quality and safety.

Our FLEXITANK are of American origin, and meet FDA approval and US Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration).

Some characteristics of the equipment are:

Type: polyethylene layer (single-ply)

Thickness: 1 mm

Density: 0.92

Stress at break: 27 N / mm

Elongation at break: 850%

Tearing strength: 98 N
  Puncture resistance: 276

Operating Temperature Range: 1 -60 ° C

Connection: Top Valve 2 "

Weight 50kgs FLEXITANK

Capacity: 15 -24 cbm (Depending on the density of the liquid)

Polyethylene food grade.


We also have the latest generation flow meters for accurate control of gallons shipped. Besides service PRE and POST shipment includes: Container Inspection (check list) at the time of withdrawal of deposit unit by trained personnel to verify, ability to drive antique floor cleaning, odor and bumps or spikes that could FLEXITANK damage. Inspection customer plant for filling and flow control for proper stowage FLEXITANK and associated safety features and protective materials.

This service associated with our agreements with various shipping and land transport allow us to provide a comprehensive service to its liquid bulk cargo, with high standards of quality and reliability for the success of their exports, in addition to the bulk wine which is the product star on the market this system for sending other goods such as fruit juices, water, detergents, lubricants, latex, mineral oil, liquid concentrates, natural oils, fructose, etc. resins are also used

Note that our new FLEXITANK are top quality and not reused or recycled for sending product as with some companies operating in the market.

"We commit to meet your requirements, ensuring a service providing excellence at every stage of the shipment."