Oversized Freight

Multimodal Transport has developed instances to run successfully and efficiently in Chile a range of services that simplify the steps to operate in the domestic market by creating a special area in Transport Project and Oversize Load requiring specialized equipment and trucks.

Projects involving the transport of structures mega structures, equipment, machinery, either from one continent to another and then to the place of work in progress, therefore this operation warrants the intervention of a multifunction device. This is where our services are integrated into the overall project;

harmonizing and integrating logistics knowledge, making the operation of an efficient and agile in the actual transfer of large design elements.

The optimizations of all elements logically conclude the reduction of costs in favor of the customer. Our services are designed to requirements:

Transport elements for construction of bridges, tunnels and roads.

Transfer of Railways wagons or cars from the factory to the buyer's country by sea and road transportation to destination.

Transportation and power generation facilities either wind, solar, hydroelectric and Machinery support construction.

Transportation of Heavy Machinery

Rental of transport equipment and machinery such as cranes, backhoes, etc.

Transport for great works of mining.

Metal structures or other materials for building constructions.

Transport Multimodal and its network of partners at national and international supplier of other ancillary services to industrial large projects whose managers are located in regions outside the Chilean border and require strategic partner.